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Meet our boys

We welcomed our herd of six gorgeous alpacas in March 2020. The lads have settled well into their pad and we can already see their individual personalities shining through! Without further ado, let us introduce you to the Arran Alpacas!!




Dougal is three years old and his name was chosen as it means 'dark stranger' in Scots. He is a strong, confident boy who likes the idea of being the head honcho of the herd.

When Dougal thinks food is on offer he comes over to sniff your hand. He had a little trim of his hair to help him see and was quite calm during his beauty treatment.








Clyde is also three years old and is a rich chestnut brown. He was named as he is strong like a Clydesdale horse. And he travelled over the Firth of Clyde by ferry to arrive here.

To begin with Clyde was a little timid but now he knows we come with food, he is becoming more confident and is rising through the ranks! His fibre is lovely and dense.







Gordie (aka Flash Gordon) was the first alpaca we named because he has a flash of white down his rear left leg. He is the larger of our two eighteen month old boys and closer in height to the three year olds.

Gordie is most definitely the hummer of the group. Humming is a typical alpaca noise. He is quite quiet but very sweet and sticks to the back of the herd.






Still to be named!!!

This beautiful little 18 month old boy has yet to be named as we are letting the public name him through a competition. We selected several names we thought would suit him and complement the Scottish name theme of the herd. Soon he will be Murray, Murdo, Wallace or Ramsay!!

He is shy but sweet and is just starting to take feed from us as he settles in and gets used to us and his new home. We reckon he will be a brilliant alpaca for the younger of our trekkers due to his docile nature.





When Toty was being reared in Lancashire, he was known as 'Dinky' but we translated this into 'Toty' (Toe-tay) which is a common Scottish word for small. One of our little baby crias, he suits this name well.

Only 9 months old when he moved to the Isle of Arran, Toty is an inquisitive and cute little guy. He was best buds with Glen in his previous home and so, they stayed together and are still besties.







This very inquisitive, friendly and rather cheeky chap is always the first one to greet you when you walk into the barn. The other half of the Toty and Glen duo, he is also a 9 month old cria.

Glen is also probably the smartest alpaca of the herd. He knows to expect a second food trough at dinner time and, until anyone else switches on, will have the second trough to himself. Feast for one anyone?!






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