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What happens if I cannot make my trek due to COVID-19?

If you are unable to travel for you booked trek due to government imposed travel restrictions, we will offer alternative dates or a voucher for the full value to re-book. Vouchers are valid for 15 months.

When do you trek?

All treks are loaded on our booking system. We are open most of the year, but we do reduce our trekking days out-with the peak periods.

How do we book a trek?

All bookings need to be made through our online booking system. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

How much does a trek cost?

Individual trekkers get to lead an alpaca for the full trek. The cost of a Wee Trek is £19 and £24. Anyone 8 and over can lead an alpaca themselves.

Under 8's are unable to lead an alpaca on their own but can trek with an adult as a “shared alpaca.” Shared alpacas are priced at £24 for a Wee Trek and £29 for a Big Trek.

Walkers are welcome on treks to come along but not lead an alpaca. The cost of this is £7.50 each.

How many people can book?

Our booking page details the amount of spaces available for trekking individual alpacas, additional walkers can be added. If you would like to enquire about a larger group size, please get in contact and we will happily help!

Can I book a trek for myself?

Alpacas are herd animals and must trek in pairs or more, if you are trekking on your own please do feel free to book onto a session that has slots already booked out so that you can trek with a group, alpacas can not be walked individually.

Do you do private group bookings?


We can accommodate a whole range of group bookings from schools, residential homes, clubs and so on. We can arrange various activities for your visit, and we have additional space on site for private room hire as well. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a private booking and we can help tailor this to your needs.

What should we bring?

We will be walking on and around a farm. Thee ground can be very damp and uneven in places. Please bring sensible footwear (wellies or sturdy boots). We do stock a small supply of additional wellies which can be borrowed but we cannot guarantee we have your size. Please ensure you dress appropriately for the weather and bring waterproofs and sunscreen if needed. During the colder months we would recommend some gloves as your hands will be exposed holding the lead.

What can we expect?

Upon arrival at The Courtyard we ask you to wash your hands, check you in and we will direct you to the play area to wait for all trekkers to arrive.

Together we will walk to the next field where our alpacas will be eagerly awaiting your arrival. The barn here is provides some shelter. You will be introduced to our alpacas and learn some interesting alpaca facts. After a health & safety briefing, we will pair you up with an alpaca! You’ll be given treats to help feed your alpaca We will also give you a chance to get familiar with your alpaca (a sure fire way to get in their good books)!

From there we will head out on our trek either on farm or on location. The treks are not too far in distance but the pace will be nice and gentle. It is an ideal way to get to know your alpaca more and also appreciate the stunning scenery this part of Arran has to offer. You will have plenty time to ask any questions that you do have.

When we return back, there will be an opportunity to get many alpaca photos and selfies!! We will happily help take group photos for you. Then it’s time to head to The Ben for complimentary refreshments (tea, coffee, juice)!

Can I come on a Trek but not lead an alpaca

Of course!

For many reasons people wish to come along on our treks but do not want to lead an alpaca. Walkers (those not leading an alpaca) are welcome for a small fee of £7.50 per person. Please note that walkers must be accompanying a fully paying trekker.

Is Alpaca Trekking suitable for children?


Children are most welcome at Arran Alpacas, in fact alpacas have a real connection with wee ones and it is a pleasure to see the joy that they bring to even people of all ages.

Please remember that Alpacas are naturally timid animals and can be alarmed by loud sounds and sudden movements, children need to be closely supervised by their grown up at all times! Children need to be able to manage the full trek (about 1km), this will be done at a very gentle pace and the routes are fairly flat. We trust the judgement of parents as to whether this activity is suitable for their children having taken this information into account.

Children under 8 can walk as a “shared alpaca” accompanying an adult and help with the lead rein (only one child per adult). Children and young adults 8-16 yrs old must be accompanied by at least one trekking or walking adult who is in charge of them.

Can I bring my dog(s) along?

Unfortunately we are unable to allow dogs to accompany treks. As much as we love dogs, alpacas are prey animals and are naturally fearful of dogs. Their presence can alarm and upset our alpacas.

What happens if it’s raining?

Alpacas dislike the rain as much as we do, especially as they have no lanolin in their fibre. We can probably all put up with it being a wee bit dreich (this is Scotland after all!) in the name of enjoyment.

However, if the weather is particularly poor then we will do our best to re-arrange. Please leave a contact number upon booking this can be helpful if we need to get in touch to re-arrange. If this is not possible then we can issue a trekking voucher which will be valid for 12 months, perfect for a repeat trip (when hopefully it will be sunny!)

If in doubt please ring us before you set off, often we miss the worst of the weather being near the coast and in the valley.

How do I get to Arran Alpacas?

Please see our directions of how to get here before you set off!!

Postcode for satnav: KA27 8DT, we are located at Balmichael Glamping.